How it started:

β€œIs anyone building a Twitter DM <-> Email service? I would gladly spend $49/year to be able to manage my DMs in my HEY inbox.”

Joe Masilotti

"The Turbo Native Guy", building

Get your Twitter DM's straight in your mailbox πŸ’ͺ

Start receiving Twitter DM's straight into your mailbox, don't monitor all those different Twitter accounts and keep all those apps & tabs open. Just work straight from the one central place you already are working from, your email.


    β€œThe Tweet from Joe Masilotti that started this all, was the spark to create My own frustration with all the inboxes for email, tweets, slack DMs, messages etc and keeping an eye everywhere and getting distracted by that. ExtenDM simply forwards DMs to your favorite mail box.”

    Jeroen Roosenboom